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Biology Ideas and Experiments (9780863574191)

Science Notes from School Science Review

This collection of ideas and experiments provides ideas on how to develop practice towards a more interactive and investigative classroom

Editors: Helen Darlington and J Wendy Bell

School biology is not just about content, it is also about practical skills and scientific enquiry. This collection of ‘Biology Notes’ and ‘Science Notes’ from past issues of ASE’s journal School Science Review will provide ideas on how to develop practice towards a more interactive and investigative classroom.

The aims of this exciting new resource are to:
- bring together pertinent teaching activities that may have been lost from the classroom
- showcase activities that are all relatively easy to set up and require few additional resources
- sow the seeds of inspiration for teachers to develop and adapt activities for their own teaching styles.

The book has a range of activities, ideas for games and tasks designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of a topic by actively engaging with it through practical work, discussion, synthesis and application of knowledge.

The activities will motivate and enthuse students to leave the classroom still asking questions and seeking answers, and to move them along the path to becoming more independent learners.


SSR June 2011
'All in all, this book is highly recommended and should be on the shelf of all science department libraries. Experienced teachers, NQTs and trainees will all find something useful here.'

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