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Analysing Practical Science Activities to Assess and Improve Their Effectiveness (9780863574252)

This booklet provides teachers with the tools to analyse practical activities to clarify the objectives, highlight the main features, and evaluate effectiveness

Robin Millar

This booklet presents a method for analysing practical activities to provide a clear description of their principal features. This analysis provides a basis for considering the effectiveness of a practical activity, and for thinking about how it might be modified to improve it.

The booklet contains:
- a discussion of the effectiveness of practical teaching
- ways to analyse practical activities
- checklists for analysing and evaluating a single practical activity, and for analysing and comparing up to ten practical activities.


A review of this publication appeared in SSR September 2012

'This book is informed by research, without being dogmatically driven by the underlying studies, and may be used as a springboard to inform practice, at the starting point in a career, or as orientation for personal or academic research. It is an extraordinarily valuable piece that is worth the small sum charged.'

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