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Star Science, Technology and Reading (9780863573156)

An inspirational resource that will help teachers to widen their pupils' perspectives and enhance their creative and thinking skills

Editor: Evelyn Van Dyk, Poems by Michael Rosen

This innovative book has proved popular with both teachers and pupils. Its aim is to encourage new ways of teaching across the primary curriculum with links between science, technology and literacy. It features poems by Michael Rosen that provide opportunities to explore science and technology. The book contains background scientific knowledge and suggestions for activities that link to the poems.

"A few years ago I wrote a 100 poems inspired by science. I love science. I love the way it investigates the world around us and makes discoveries. I hope that all children get a chance to do this in an open, honest way. My poems were meant to do no more than arouse children's, teachers' and parents' curiosity, to help them wonder why, how, where and when? After all, once we start asking questions, we want to know answers. And if we want to know answers, we have to figure out how to find answers - what do we have to do to get answers. And that's science.

I'm not someone who believes that there are stone walls between our 'subjects'. The discovery of the double helix is as beautiful as any painting or poem. A poem can - if the poet wants it to - probe and ask questions just as a scientist might - why is this stone yellow? And why, when it was in my pocket on a hot day, did it make a hole in my shirt?

I'm delighted that the people behind 'STAR' have taken my science poems and helped teachers with some questions that will trigger children off into discussions and talk about the themes in the poems. I think this is good for learning, good for teaching and good for the children."

Michael Rosen, Children’s novelist and poet @MichaelRisenYes

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