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The New Resourceful Physics Teacher (9780956923103)

This Superb teaching resource contains over 700 fun and informative ideas and experiments for teachers and pupils in physics. Many of the ideas are unique to this book and will not be found in standard text books or teachers guides. They mainly cover the range of physics taught to pupils age 11 18 at secondary or high school together with some material that will be appropriate to younger pupils.

These ideas, collected over forty years, will be invaluable to all those who are teaching physics whether as a separate subject or as part of a general science course.

The book is divided into topics with a complete index and relevant theory is summarised at the start of each section. Explanations and further theory are given with many of the experiments.

The experiments all use standard laboratory items as well as many simple items from around the home such as a jelly and a coat hanger. This means that a particular advantage of the collection is that many of the experiments can be carried out with very simple apparatus, not requiring a traditional laboratory. The equipment needed for each experiment is listed together with tips on set-up.

The book is lavishly illustrated with over 300 full colour diagrams and photographs.

Safety precautions are highlighted where appropriate.

By Keith Gibbs

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