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Teaching Secondary Biology 2nd Edition (9781444124316)

This book will provide invaluable support whether you are a newly-qualified science teacher, an experienced teacher of biology who wants to extend the range of strategies and approaches used, a chemist or physicist who has to teach biology, or a student training to be a teacher. Each chapter covers a broad section of the curriculum and is divided into topics. For each topic the book covers:

• Student’s likely Previous knowledge
• A suggested Teaching sequence with activities necessary to cover basic biology
• Advice about students’ misconceptions, common problems with individual activities, and safety issues
• Further activities that develop the students’ understanding of the topic
• Enhancemment ideas that relate the science to everyday contexts and provide new ideas for experienced teachers
• Suggestions for using ICT

This second edition reflects changes in curricula, ideas from recent curriculum development projects, and the current availability of ICT.

This book draws on the experienced of a wide range of teachers and those involved in science education. It has been produced as part of the Association for Science Education’s commitment to supporting science teachers by disseminating best practice and new ideas to enhance teaching.

Series editor: David Sang

Editor: Michael Reiss

ASE Science Practice Series


A review of this publication appeared in SSR September 2012

'This is a book that I would recommend wholeheartedly to all student teachers of biology, to new teachers of the subject and to heads of biology. Having read the book, I would go further and suggest that all biology teachers have a read – if nothing else, the book might remind you of an activity you have not done for many a year or even give you some new ideas! Get this book for your department!'

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