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Science Newswise 2 (9780863574306)

Exploring ‘science in the news’ will enliven and enrich your teaching

Ruth Jarman and Billy McClune

News articles provide engaging openers to lessons, help students to understand what scientists do and provide a starting point for debate on current issues. The authors of Science Newswise 2 discuss how the news can support key aims in the science curriculum, and provide teachers with a wealth of practical advice on how best to use news in the classroom. The book is in seven sections and has exemplar lessons and resources to illustrate and support the ideas presented. The sections are:
1 ‘Science in the news’ a resource and focus for teaching and learning
2 Using news to teach science content
3 Using news to teach How Science Works
4 Using news to teach about science and society
5 How science is presented in the news media
6 Teaching about how science is presented in the news media
7 Teaming up with other teachers to embed science in the news in the school curriculum

Exploring ‘science in the news’ will enliven and enrich your teaching. And by equipping all young people to engage critically with science in the news you will prepare them for living and learning in a media saturated world.

SSR September 2011

'I would recommend this resource to teachers or departments looking for ideas or wanting to bring more science in the news into their teaching. The range of articles and teaching ideas would provide plenty of material to be spread across different year groups. With very little extra preparation needed, this resource provides an easy way to get students more news wise.'

There is a review of Science newswise 2 on the Education in Chemistry site. The link is

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